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Real And Legal Ways To Earn Money In 2022

If you want to make money legally and you have settled on making money you can consider a variety of opportunities, including selling used items on


Is It Possible To Make Money On The Internet? This is one of the most frequently asked questions and today I decided to answer it, I hope it is exhaustive. Let's start with the fact that yes, it is possible to make money on the Internet, but be careful, network mechanics are not so different from the so-called. From the real world.

Today I want to deal with these two types of activities, I try to give you the right ideas on how to make money on the internet without falling victim to legally fraudulent schemes or dubious reputable sites.

If, on the other hand, you are going to use the network to identify real work activities, things get more complicated, much more complicated! The results you will be able to achieve mainly depend on the desire to do so, the quality of training in the sector where you decide to work and how you will be able to popularize your initiative.

How To Make Money On The Internet Legally: 

If you want to make money legally and you have settled on making money you can consider a variety of opportunities, including selling used items on online listing sites, writing articles and conducting research. We analyze all these possibilities in detail.

Sell ​​used items

If you do not have career aspirations and just want to make money, you can sell used things (e.g. books, games, cell phones, etc.) Many of them are listed or auction services are available online.

Etsy - If you know how to make handicrafts, you can try to "place" them on this platform, which has become a real point of sale for small handicrafts. Opening a store on Etsy is free - you have to pay one fixed commission of 0.17 Euros for each published ad, plus one 5% final cost commission (shipping costs are excluded) if the sale is successful, to which we must add one 4% commission + 0.30 € For payment management.

eBay - The popular online auction portal is one of the best way to sell used items. Allows you to place an ad for free, but when sales are successful, you will have to pay one 10% commission on the final sale (excluding shipping costs).

Automatic check 24 - If you need to sell your car or your motorcycle for the sale of used cars you can contact this famous portal. Autoscout24 does not provide for the payment of fixed costs or the payment of a fee for published advertisements

Writing articles

Do you want to turn your writing hobby into a tax opportunity? You can do this by registering a mercado Editorial Content: This is one of the sites that allows you to write commissioned articles so you can easily sell articles, textbooks, tutorials, video recordings and other written content.

One of the most well-known markets to which you can target this is Melaskiv , an online platform that has been a meeting point for companies and independent authors for several years.

Since registering at Melascrivi is free and you can write articles on many issues, why not try to make money from the comfort of your own home by taking advantage of your writing passion?

As for the revenue of each article, Melascream allows you to earn contributions based on the quality of the content written, its duration, and the experience gained over time.

Starting from 0.008 EUR / word for those starting with 1 level of quality / experience and up to 1.5 EUR / word for those reaching this level of 4 stars

Temporarily do the commission work

Temporarily doing commission work is another source of income that will allow you to earn small amounts of money, possibly taking advantage of your free time. Aim to do multiple tasks, taking into account your skills: repairing items, repeating, caring for dogs , doing translations, etc.

commission new works, you can try to find sites of looking for work (eg.  the service ), or you can place ads on sites that I have mentioned above in one paragraph, for example

Take part in paid surveys

If you do not want to be too busy, perhaps because you already have a full-time job that takes up a lot of your time, you can try to raise a small amount of money to invest in your hobby. Paid surveys .

You can still use many online portals, such as the Global Text Market o US user's opinion 

Make money online by working legally

Working online To make more money online , you need to make very different decisions: including opening an online store, creating a successful website / blog, or launching a YouTube channel. For more information, continue reading.

Open an online store

If you want to be "serious" in the online business world, you can try opening an online store .

Also, if you already have a brick-and-mortar store, opening an online store will allow you to expand your business and reach out to customers you would not otherwise be able to "grab".

When opening an online store you can choose from three different solutions.

Ready-to-use e-commerce services - There are online services that allow you to open e-commerce sites with just a few clicks, without writing a single line of code or without having to deal with complex installations. One of them is Blast, it allows you to create an online store with prices starting at 9.99 EUR / month (however if you have a domain customized and sells an unlimited number of items, you will have to pay 24.99 EUR / month).

CMS ( Content Management System ): The most professional way to open an e-commerce site is to purchase a web-domain, online space and install a CMS on it. CMS is a type of software that allows you to manage the content of the site and the objects in the store catalog in an extremely flexible way. There are so many choices: WordPress , Magento , Drupal , Joomla , PrestaShop, etc. This type of solution is suitable for those who work fairly well in IT or who have the budget to trust industry professionals to start their online business.

Showcase in-store - Amazon and eBay offer professional sellers the opportunity to open an online store and sell items on their pages. This is an ideal solution for those who already have a physical store and want to expand their business online without getting involved in running a separate store.

Start a blog or website

Do you think you have the right ideas and skills to open a successful blog or website ?

In this case, know that you have to go uphill to turn the web space into a stable and satisfactory source of income ... very uphill!

Advertising (which is the main source of revenue for a publishing house in general) no longer pays off, as it did a few years ago, and the blogging market is quite saturated, which complicates it.

However, if you want to do it "seriously", I suggest removing free platforms (e.g. Blogspot, or Altervista) and continue with the more professional method.

Buy web - domain name, link it to your needs and your traffic forecasts, the Internet - with the space and create a web - page / blog on a site using the CMS ( Content Management System ). For a more accurate idea of ​​the steps taken, check out my tutorial on how to create a site with WordPress and how to create a site with Joomla!

What are the monetization opportunities for those who open a blog or website? Basically, it is advertising and partnering with third party companies. Let me talk about this in more detail.

Banner Advertising - One of the main ways to monetize the content of websites and blogs is to place banner ads on them. In this case, the revenue will flow from the unique number of visitors that will come to your web space: the more visitors there are, the more revenue. You can trust services like Google AdSense to place banners on your website .

Affiliate Marketing Services - You can also make money online by participating in affiliate marketing programs. what is? I will tell you right away. Some large companies like Amazon and Apple allow you to create videos . Sponsored links and small interest rates on items and / or digital content purchased through the latter (if short or long term).

Open a YouTube channel

Open a YouTube Channel This can be another important source of revenue. Thanks to the affiliate network and the YouTube affiliate program (in which you can participate with 4,000 subscribers in the last 1,000 months and after 12 hours of viewing), it is possible to generate significant funds as well.

In this case, as I told you in the previous chapter is the following: to make a noticeable profit you need to have a YouTube channel with multiple subscribers and, above all, multiple views (because a large portion of revenue comes from advertising).

Develop programs

Given the growing demand of developers, it may turn out to be an excellent revenue opportunity for application development .

If you do not have competencies in the software development world, you can try to develop these competencies.

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