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List of Best Apps For Youtubers in 2022

there are many other things behind it. You have to have the best app for youtubers to offer the best content.


List of Best Apps For Youtubers in 2022

Being a YouTuber today is a job that many want to get into, not just putting your face on a video, but there are many other things behind it. You have to have the best app for youtubers to offer the best content.

In this case, it’s not the best content to create it, but to analyze it and make decisions when evaluating who people really like or, as they say in embarrassing language, have more “addiction” . That’s why we show you apps as well as other options.

YouTube Studio

With this app we will be able to manage all the channels we have opened on YouTube from the comfort of doing it on our phone. A software from Google itself and will allow us, among other things, to view the latest statistics, respond to comments, upload thumbnails of the videos we have uploaded, order these weddings and respond even quick notifications come to us to offer a great experience for our followers.

It is an application that partially replaces Creator Studio with the web version of YouTube and for some things lets you do it “on the fly” . That is, if we go home on a train, we can manage certain things, such as comments, titles, descriptions or see statistics. Great app to manage our YouTube channel.

AZ Screen Recorder

We are facing a perfect application to create content from mobile. YES We would like to take a lesson to learn how to work with an Android activity or simply record a mobile game video, this free app will allow us to do just that. It even has the option to add watermarks and more as a video editor with a few themes.

Best of all, you can record to a mobile screen, and thus have the video file upload from a PC to a video channel or edit it from Adobe Premiere to create it’s new content. that. Expert software on these matters and we recommend you for youtubers.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe recently released this app to edit videos and allow us to have some of the best namesake features for PC. The only drawback it has is that you have to pay a subscription to it, although it allows us to test it to create a 5 edition and decide later if we keep it.

We have to talk about their ability to convert multitrack, cover audio and even access 100+ video models from Adobe Stock. Good in this respect and blends well with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Like a short PC version to edit video, add transitions, add audio, cut and paste video and create scenes. It also has a video filter that can give that special connection to them. If you need to edit a video without a lot of story, this app can even replace the desktop app without spending a lot of money. This is great if you have a good cell phone.

Adobe Spark

With this Adobe software we will have access to images on a variety of social networks and this allows us to create these awards or at least in one way or another. A good Adobe app to get access to multiple multimedia content from a monthly subscription.

For 9.99 euros per month you can access professional video and photo content with excellent quality. The rest is in the YouTube Favorite Apps that feature this app and for this reason we have put it on this list of best apps for youtubers. A good thumbnail of the video you uploaded is needed to attract the attention of new viewers to your channel.

Video editing and Thumbnail Maker Applications :

We specifically mention the apps that the manufacturers of the most popular phones have. We’re talking about Samsung and its Video Editor which allows editor access to the videos we have from the Galaxy Store.

This editor has a few skills like we can change the video resolution, edit the video and even add other settings so that we don’t even need another video editing application. It won’t replace other editors, but if we choose a simple option we can get out of trouble for a while.

Samsung also has a really impressive option to write the screen. And it’s true that once you get used to it, with complete freedom and no need for payment, you can choose an entire experience and then upload the video to your PC and put it in editing to add to it. quality. . Samsung in this regard is aware of having high quality applications.

Thumbnail Maker for YouTube

This application allows us to create beautiful little images To attract the attention of new followers who do not know our YouTube channel and our videos. A free app that is unique in that it features textures and eye-catching stickers to highlight specific areas in the thumbnail.

It also has different models and the possibility of making collages . One of its best features is the ability to remove the background to clean it so we can see the image of the video we’re using the thumbnail. An interesting application to focus on small images and become very useful for youtubers.

Tag you

Your YouTube channel should be updated for SEO . And so we have Tag You and that is in charge of finding the best tag to identify your videos. That is, it will provide you with a series of articles related to the video you want to edit for SEO.

You just need to take the time to present these marks and then include them in the editor. That way, you’ll be able to “tell” YouTube that that particular video is related to a series of content. You will make it easier for YouTube to present your videos to users with searches related to what they are looking for. An app that might become necessary to find tags related to our videos that don’t sometimes come to us, or that we just want to save time using the search engine to find the suggestions YouTube provides. You have it for free, so go for it.


We were previously one of the best video publishers we have on Android . Unlike Adobe Premiere Rush, this advocate offers a wide range of features for free. You will be able to combine video types, special effects, text, enhance video color, add narration, sound, editing tools to cut and paste video, control video speed, and set filters even colored.

Not only that, but one of its best features is the ability to export to 4K 2160p at 30FPS. As well as having a resource store for photos and more. Of course, if we want to remove the ads and remove the watermark, we have to go to the checkout. Not everything is perfect, so if you want to capture your screen, you are recommended to use AZ Screen Recorder.

Facebook Gaming

We’re going to Facebook Gaming and that’s because it started a few days ago. We set it up as an alternative for youtubers and you can always use to have another channel to reach more users. An app dedicated to the player and allows you to navigate in real time so that all the contacts you have on Facebook know that you sent the live stream.

Never forget the time to take your videos to other channels like Facebook Gaming and get more popularity etc. pull them from your YouTube channel . Several apps for YouTubers that will enhance your audiovisual content through your channel.

Google Recorder

We’ve put together this list of the best apps for youtubers in one app that will scare you. Aside from the ability to record your own voiceovers for the videos you want to include in your channel, the best thing is that it can translate everything you say into the text . That is, you will have written versions that you can use on the channel and reach a large number of followers. In other words, you can create a video with subtitles already created.

The disadvantage of this application is that it currently only sends it by region . This means you have to wait until the option to translate audio. Google software to record audio for this work and close this list of software for youtubers.

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