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My Telenor Answers Today 25 April 2022 | Telenor Quiz

right answers of today my telenor quiz. give the answers and win free mbs reward

My Telenor Answers Today  | Telenor Quiz

Nowadays, there are a huge number of telecom apps on the market. These apps provide users with a variety of services and allow users to manage their accounts easily. Among these telecom apps, my Telenor is one of the most popular ones in Pakistan. This app not only provides users with account information but also allows them to recharge their accounts.In addition, my Telenor offers its users daily Test Your Skills Quiz where users can give answers of daily test your skills questions and win free mbs reward and spechfix website provides Daily My Telenor Correct Answers

1. Introduction

There is no doubt that Telenor is the best network operator in the country and My Telenor App is a free application which is used to manage your Telenor account and also manages your data balance. This app is completely free and it is developed by Telenor itself. IT has a very easy and simple user interface. You can download this app from the play store or you can also download this app via the link below.

Features of My Telenor App:

  • Viewing remaining data usage,(Minutes,sms and Mbs) without any charges
  • Activate packages ( Calls , SMS and Internet ) in one click
  • You can check calls and msgs history of your Telenor number upto 28days
  • Lodge any complaint about issues related network
  • Send bundles ( packages ) as a gift to other numbers
  • Create your own offer
  • Test your skills quiz
  • Daily exciting rewards

My Telenor App Today Correct Answers:

so here are today my telenor app correct answers you can check and copy all answers and then open my telenor app and click the right answers and enjoy free mbs reward 

Question 1: Fasting was made obligatory in __ A.H.
  • 2
  • 1
  • 3
  • 4
Correct Answer: 2
Question 2: How many people do you have to feed on breaking the fast?
  • 1
  • 60
  • 2
  • 3
Correct Answer: 60
Question 3: Which Prophet A.S. is called Jacob?
  • Yaqub
  • Adam
  • Musa
  • Isa
Correct Answer: Yaqub
Question 4: Fasting is commanded in Surah _.
  • Al-Imran
  • Ar-Rehman
  • Al-Bakarah
  • Muzammal
Correct Answer: Al-Bakarah
Question 5: Where was the Quran revealed first?
  • Madina
  • Taef
  • Thaur
  • Cave of Hira
Correct Answer: Cave of Hira

What is Telenor Quiz? 

Telenor Quiz is a new feature in My Telenor app which enables users to take part in daily test your skills quiz enhance your knowledge and also win exciting mbs rewards. The Question asked in daily quiz are random and very easy so most of the users can answers these questions immediately but some of persons donot solve these questions so they need help and we are ready to help them by giving correct answers of daily quiz. For example, if you take the Telenor Quiz today and answer all the questions, you will be rewarded with a MBs gift validity 1 day.

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How To Participate In Telenor Quiz ?

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You need to install My Telenor App in your phone if you want to participate in telenor test your skills quiz. And My Telenor is free available on Playstore and Appstore. also it is necessary to create account on My Telenor and you can easily create My Telenor App account with your telenor number
You can access telenor quiz through My telenor app. Once you’re in My telenor app, click on the Test your skills button.
  • open my telenor app
  • click on test your skills icon
  • question 1 will appears
  • give the right answer 
  • click on next button
  • after 5 right answers 
  • 50mbs reward will given for 1day

Reward Of My Telenor Quiz:

if you give all answers right so telenor app will give you 50Mbs free for one day and this reward will change when some event occurs so telenor changes rewards from 50mbs to 1Gbs but only lucky winners achieve this reward 
but if you want daily 50mbs free from telenor app so you are most welcome on our site just daily visit this page and you will get daily updated answers of my telenor quiz 

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i have mentioned telenor quiz today answer in this article i hope you like it and hope you have free mbs reward from my telenor app after giving correct answers of today quiz if you want daily answers so visit our site daily and get my telenor quiz correct answers
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