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How To Purchase BC ( Battle Coin ) In PUBG MOBILE LITE

Easy Method To Purchase Ingame Currency BC ( Battle Coin ) Of PUBG Mobile Lite. Easy And Simple Guide

How To Purchase BC ( Battle Coin ) In PUBG MOBILE LITE

PUBG Mobile Lite Is becoming most popular Android game on Play Store if you have a low end device and want to play pubg mobile so you will face many difficulties like lagg issues and phone heat issues and pubg-mobile-lite is the alternative of pubg mobile for low end devices, As PUBG Lite comes with a small size but have all the features same like PUBG Mobile Global.

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The difference between pubg mobile Lite and pubg mobile is is here pubg mobile Lite have  smaller map  but pubg mobile global have a big and large size map and have many features in the game but pubg-mobile-lite is  a limited  features game where you can enjoy Battle Royale experience in small size game

but believe me e pubg-mobile-lite have a bigger audience and many of you you will also played pubg mobile Lite once in a life

In PUBG Mobile Lite Battle Coin is abbreviated as BC, a special in-game currency that player can bought with real money to purchase ingame premium items such as gun skins,outfits,vehicle skins etc.

What Is BC Battle Coin?

 BC ( Battle Coin ) is a  pubg mobile Lite in game currency  and it is used to purchase pubg mobile Lite Royal pass and also some legendary outfits weapons skins and many other paid atom in the game and if you want to buy BC in pubg mobile Lite should today guide will be helpful for you you because I will show you step by step about how to buy BC in pubg mobile Lite and I will show two different methods and tell you how you can easily buy pubg mobile Lite BC without any scam so keep reading

Methods To Purchase BC ( Battle Coin )

There are 2 easy method to buy pubg-mobile-lite BC these methods are safe and you do not have any risk of id ban are id hack problem because these are legal and official method to purchase BC from pubg mobile Lite in game store so if you are finding a safe and good method to purchase pubg mobile Lite BC e so these methods will be helpful for you

SEAGM BattleCoin Topup

How To Purchase BC ( Battle Coin ) In PUBG MOBILE LITE

Well this is very easy method you have to visit seagm website and there you can register your account and you will get a lot of BC  packages for pubg mobile lite and you can easily purchase any of packages with your visa master card also if you are a Pakistan and you do not have any visa master card ; you can buy pubg mobile Lite BC with easypaisa and jazzcash 

How To Purchase BC in PUBG Mobile Lite :

  • Create Account On SEAGM
  • Choose the BC package you want to purchase
  • Copy Your PUBG Mobile Lite ID 
  • Select the Payment Method And Checkout
  • Once payment done BC  will be Credited to your PUBG Mobile Lite Account

Click on Profile icon on top corner and copy your id number

2nd Method 

How To Purchase BC ( Battle Coin ) In PUBG MOBILE LITE

The second method will only work if the game is not banned in your country  because in this method we are going to purchase BC from original pubg mobile Lite in game shop but if the game is banned in your country so you cannot purchase BC in game. The first method will be good for you if the game is banned in your country and this method will be helpful for Pakistani , Bangladeshi and many other country  where game has no restriction so let's start this method

2nd method to Purchase PUBG Lite BC

  • First of all open your pubg mobile Lite game
  • then click on BC icon (below picture is showing BC Icon)
  • then select the package of BC that you want to purchase
  • Now its payment time
  • if you have visa MasterCard then put the details and click on next
  • you are done to buy officially BC  in your account 

Purchase BC With Balance : if you donot have visa master card so you can buy bc from sim balance

General Faqs:

How can I buy BC in India?

if you are from india visit seagm website and here you can easily purchase BC bundles with your visa card.

How we can purchase BC in PUBG Lite?

Two Method to purchase BC in PUBG Lite 1st: open game and click on bc icon select the package you want to purchase 2nd: visit seagm website and through this site also able to purchase BC.

Can we send BC to friends in PUBG Mobile Lite?

Yes you can also topup BC to your friends accounts but you cannot share or send your account BC with friends.


i have share two best safe and easy methods to purchase BC in PUBG Lite. I hope you donot have any conclusion about purchasing bc in pub lite if you find this helpful please share with other 
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