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How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

writing a blog can make money. For your information, you can make money by placing ads on your blog. For example, ads from Google Adsense, propeller
How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

 Writing makes money! Really? It sounds weird

Yes, it sounds weird, but if you like the style, you can make blogging a hobby as your main source of income. You can read reviews from other bloggers. Some incomes reach hundreds a month and some even reach thousands of dollars a month. It doesn't sound ridiculous.

Some may wonder how writing a blog can make money. For your information, you can make money by placing ads on your blog. For example, ads from Google Adsense, propeller ads, and so on. Interestingly registration to become an advertiser is free.

Among the three ads, ads from Google Adsense are very much the focus of bloggers, including myself. The process of getting approval is very difficult but once you pass it is worth it because all commissions are paid in USD. Imagine USD converted to pkr, it is lucrative.

But before you can make money with a blog, you must have your own blog account. To open a blog account is very easy. To open a blog account, you can follow this link for proper guide

How to make money with a blog?

There are many ways. Follow each other's creativity.

(Don't do what is not halal…)

In this post I want to share some ideas for you to earn money from blogs.

Hopefully you can also get and maybe more than the amount above


  1. Google Adsense
  2. MGID Advertisement
  3. Amazon affiliate Program 
  4. Shopify Affiliate Program
  5. Offer paid services
  6. Rent ad space
  7. Selling ebooks
  8. Give away a free eBook
  9. Create a Dropship

To do all this, you need to have a blog or website.

If you haven't, you can refer to this post  How To Create a Free Blogger Website

1 Google Adsense

How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

In the long run, try your best to get approval for the Google Adsense program.Very helpful for your blog or website.It can stabilize your monthly income.

How can Google Adsense give us money?

Once your Google Adsense application is approved, you can place ads like this in the blog: make money in blogs with google adsense Each time a visitor clicks on the ad we will get a small share.

(Regardless of intentional or unintentional click).

The revenue you can generate from Google Adsense is also directly proportional to the amount of your traffic.  The more traffic, the greater the revenue.

You can get about:

USD2-4 for every 1000 views .

(Rough estimate based on my records).

It also depends on your niche and Google Adsense ad settings.

If your blog page views are 3000 a day, it is equivalent to USD6.

USD180 or 30000pkr per month (estimated).

And if you are diligent, it is impossible for your blog page view not to increase. Likewise with your Adsense.

How to Apply Google Adsense?

First of all you have to complete your website @ blog.

Pages like the following are mandatory:

  1. About Us
  2. Contact Us 
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Privacy Policy

Then work on your blog, make a post.

Best of all, make sure there is about 10-15 quality content in the blog and each post contains 2000+ words minimum. If your blog is still new, try it after 2-3 months. Even better before applying Google Adsense your site already has traffic.

Over 100 views per day is okay.

Make sure there are NO blank pages or posts in your  website.

2 MGID Advertisement

How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

The concept of MGID Advertisement is also the same as Google Adsense. And it can be used in conjunction with Adsense. MGID will often contact any site with high daily traffic (over 3K views per day) and offer their package. You can also apply for their program on the MGID website:

Apply For Migid Ads

Make money with mgid

  1. Revenue from MGID is a little lower than Adsense.
  2. In USD0.5-1 for a site that has 5K views perday.

Let's make a little extra income.

But this may be due to the location of the MGID ad placement. I put it near the bottom because I don't want to disturb Adsense and also so that readers are not disturbed. If you want to apply for MGID, do not do it simultaneously with Adsense. Make one first.

 For example, apply Adsense first. When you got rejection, then MGID

3 Create a Amazon Affiliate

How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

The 3 main reasons I chose to affiliate with Amazon:

  1. Big commissions
  2. Fast payment
  3. Lots of choice of items

Maybe the number of conversions is less compared to Shopify, but Amazon has a large commission. Even a little conversion can get a lot. The reason is, Amazon manages their own affiliate program.

So, 100% affiliate commission we get.

In contrast to Shopee which uses middlemen to manage their affiliate programs. (We discuss more in the next section)

How to make an affiliate with Amazon in the blog?

The strategy I use is as follows:

First of all, what is the niche of your site? (What topics do you bring up in your blog?)

For example, your blog revolves around Travel.

You can create posts like:

15 Must-Have Hiking Equipment for Hikers…

The 8 best waterproof bags for backpackers…

Then in that post you offer products with your affiliate link

4  Affiliate Shopify

How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

The commissions I earn from the Shopify affiliate program are quite low compared to Amazon. The reason is, Shopify does not run their own affiliate program. They use the services of middlemen: Involve Asia . Therefore, the commission must be shared. Although the commission rate is rather low, the Shopify conversion volume is large.

The reason is that many people prefer shopping near Shopify.

How to create a Shopify affiliate is also the same as I mentioned for Amazon. In addition, you can insert affiliate links in popular posts already in your blog.

5 Offer Paid Services

How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

If you noticed, I have put a paid service in the widget section. offer paid services. If you are confident in your expertise  abilities, open a paid service.

What service do you want to open?

The key here is, make sure the service you want to do is: Can solve problems . Ask yourself. For your blog niche, what are the problems that are often faced? For example, Spechfix niche is 'Guides & tips for blogging'. Target readers are those who are interested in starting a blog.

The problem that is often faced for beginners is how to setup a blog properly, want to buy a domain, hosting and so on. To solve the problem I offer 'Services for blogs'. This makes it easier for new bloggers, no need to worry.

This a little as much as it can help increase your blog's income.

6 Rent ad space

How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

When your blog is thriving, traffic per day has reached thousands, there will definitely be people who will contact you.

Especially parties related to your niche. But you don't have to wait for them to approach you. Try you who are looking for them.

First, decide which parts you can rent for advertising. Often the popular columns are the header section, the widget section and the top column before the post. Then determine the conditions such as price, rent for how long, what information is needed and so on.

Don't forget to also prepare a performance report for your blog.

Usually in the report the main content is the amount of traffic  visits to your blog. To determine the price anyway, I usually use the following formula:

  1. Monthly rental price of ads space = Total daily traffic (views) / 10
  2. For example, the number of daily views of your blog is 3,000.
  3. The price of advertising space is 3000/10 = 30000pkr per month.

You do not have to follow this formula.

If your advertising space is a hit, of course, you can raise the price a little. Next, how to find people who are interested in your advertising space? To answer this question, you have to answer the following questions:

What services can be associated with your blog niche?

For example for a travel blog.

What services can be associated with a travel blog?

Travel agents, hotels, homestays, restaurants, buses, taxis, etc.…

When you get this list you can open google and type in the services. Alternatively you can also use Google Maps. See what companies are coming up.

Next step, find out how to contact them. Usually via email and contact form. If you want to be more aggressive, you can use WhatsApp or call them directly. Next, send an email to each of those companies.

Include your offer as well as a report on the performance of your website. It is impossible that in many companies no one is interested in your offer.

7 Selling ebooks

How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

I think we all already know this part.The concept is the same as paid service.You have to create an eBook that can help solve the problems that most people face. Although classic but this method is still more effective. The advantage of this method is that it is difficult only once.

Happy many times.

It just takes a little effort in terms of marketing. You can market near facebook market and eCommerce sites such as, Shopee and so on.

8 Give away a free eBook

How do you make money for free?

This tactic is often used by successful bloggers.You will not make money from the eBook. But you will make money after they use the eBook. There are several reasons why we want to give away free eBooks.

Among them are:

  1. To get followers
  2. For sales after service
  3. To get more traffic
  4. For affiliate links

Not everyone wants to buy an eBook for sale. But almost everyone wants a free eBook. Who doesn't want free stuff?

Not to mention when it comes to their interests.

How can we make money from free eBooks?

Let's look at the first point first:

To get followers.

Have you ever met a blogger who gives away free eBooks but has to leave an email first? Their goal is to get followers or email lists. This email list is like their regular readership. Every time they publish a new post, a notification will reach your email. If you are interested you open and read.

This will increase the amount of traffic to their blog.

You as regular visitors and new visitors who come from Google, facebook referrals and so on. When the amount of traffic increases indirectly other revenue such as Google Adsense and affiliates also increase.

For sales after service. In the free eBook you can insert your premium service.

For example, I provide a free eBook regarding a complete guide on how to create your own website. The ebook is complete and very helpful for beginners. With the eBook, beginners are able to create their own blog successfully.

But to create your own website will be a challenge ahead.

For example, the logo is not centered, the color is not appropriate, the heading is too large, the blog crashes and cannot be accessed and various other technical problems. This is where I can introduce the premium  paid service. In addition free eBooks can also increase your site traffic. You just need to include your blog url in any section.

Readers will definitely come to visit your blog.

9 Create a Dropship

How To Make Money From Blogging 2022 [Special Guide]

You must have heard of dropship right? Dropshiping is a business model without the need to keep stock. In other words you are the middle man. You know who the supplier is and you know who the buyer is.

Why not combine blog and dropship?

Buyers are visitors to your blog, suppliers only you know. Take the goods from the supplier, raise the price a little then sell near the buyer. You can create a section in your website specifically for those dropship items. To make your sale a bestseller, there are 2 factors:

This item is unique. Prices can compete with other sellers in Malaysia

How can you meet the following two factors?

The answer:

Make Dropship of goods from China .

Make money with dropship blog from china

If you are willing to make a small investment, there are plugins that make the dropship process automatic.

Namely: AliDropship plugin

With this plugin you can directly select the items you want to display in your blog. Raise the price a little and start selling. All matters such as shipping and so on are handled by Aliexpress. But this plugin is not free. It costs about RM385. Looks a bit expensive doesn't it? But if you do it right the potential is enormous, well worth the price offered.

You don't have to do everything on this list. You can try one at a time and see which one works for you.

Then focus on whichever way brings that result.

Share if it's useful to you!

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