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Best Video Editting Apps For Android In 2022

All of these apps have different tools like add your text on image also use green screen video and stylish 3d layout and stickers
List Of Best Video Editting Apps Of 2021

 Now, if  you want to  edit video on your mobile , you can do it very easily using some Android apps. Nowadays, most people   use these editing apps to edit videos for YouTube . And, using these  apps, you can edit videos in a professional way, such as editing that can only be done by good computer  software.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

If you create videos for YouTube on your mobile, you do not need to use any expensive editing software to edit the videos. In the Google play store  you will find many great video editting apps that you can use to make your YouTube videos professional and attractive.

All of these apps have different tools like add your text on image also use green screen video and stylish 3d layout and stickers 

These small size video editing apps on mobile will be helpful, if you  want to do all the editing work for a YouTube Channel from an android mobile .

The best 7 apps for video editing on Android mobile

Remember that you will find these apps in the Google play store. Of course, you can use the apps for free. However, there are some apps that may cost you some money to fully use. But, it costs you a lot less. If you are serious about your YouTube channel, then you can give so much ( Best android video editing apps ).

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#1. Kinemaster - Pro Video Editor

Kinemaster - Pro Video Editor

KineMaster is an application that is capable of creating advanced and professional videos in all aspects Ratios [16;9 . 9;16 and many more ] Using this app, you can create or edit videos professionally on your mobile. This Android software is very, very powerful. The best user interface. You can easily use its advanced functions. With all the other types of features, some different editing options, such as the animated text of the video, giving effects, subtitles, Chroma key etc. is possible.

Features Of KineMaster Pro:

  1. Easy To use Interface
  2. Create Professional Videos
  3. Add Multiple Text With various Fonts
  4. Chroma Key [to remove green screen from video]
  5. Asset Store
  6. Export in 4K And Ultra HD 
  7. No WaterMark [ pro Version]
  8. Emoji and Stickers

You can use KineMaster Pro for free. However, you need to remove the watermark and buy this app from the Play Store for full premium features. Hey, if you search on Google, you will find many websites from where you can download and use KineMaster pro full version without buying premium version [this is not recommended method]

#2.  PowerDirector

PowerDirector App Download

After KineMaster PowerDirector is most Powerfull and feature Rich Video Editting App. This App has many features in it like kinemaster pro but the interface of this app is very hard and newbie cannot understand his features.

Like the other apps PowerDirector will be able to make the simple videos you create attractive and professional. However, in the PowerDirector app you will find many different types of advanced editing options, which you will not find elsewhere.

This will allow you to change the video background, cut and paste videos, edit in slow motion, a variety of professional tools, different video effects, create videos with photos and many more.

Feature Of PowerDirector:

  1. Various Video Effects
  2. Add Text On Images 
  3. Remove Green Screen From Videos 
  4. Add Stickers in Videos 
  5. Merge Two Videos
  6. Split Videos In parts 
  7. Transition effecr

After editing the video you can save the file in 720p, Full HD 1080p and 4k format on your android mobile. PowerDirector is one of the best mobile video editing apps.

#3. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

FilmoraGo is  a very powerful video making application used by many professional YouTubers.  You will find all kinds of editing options from simple to advanced functions like   adding music and effects to video, adding title ,  saving theme for  video ,  video cutting  and  trimming .

You can use FilmoraGo for free. And, most of the features you will get in the free version. Remember, you can easily save videos in your mobile gallery by making videos in filmoraGo app.

Features of FilmoraGo:

  • You can play real-time video in edited mode.
  • You will find a large number of templates and video effects.
  • You will find many kinds of professional editing tools.
  • You will get most of them for free.

FilmoraGo app is very popular among people and most of youtubers use this application to edit videos on mobile.

#4. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe premiere clip gives you a very good and quick service to edit video from your android mobile. It's much faster and you'll love using it. Premiere clip editor is completely free and with it you can create professional quality video.

With its Automatic video creation function, you can select any photo or video clip and edit the video automatically. Moreover, you can manually create your own video using some of its advanced editing tools. Video cutting, trimming, transitions, adding music, filters, effects, photo motion etc. You will find many types of options.

This android app is free and you can download it from Google play store. and easily use in your phone and edit videos 

#5. VivaVideo Editor

vivavideo editor app

Viva video has proven to be the best app for making videos on Android mobile phones. Some famous bloggers have promoted viva video app as the best video editing app. Using this app, you can create videos in a professional way from your mobile. Here you will find some useful editing functions like cutting and pasting videos, trimming, merging, subtitling, video effects and many more.

The viva video app is used by over 200 million people on their mobile phones and  has proven to be one of the best  Android video editing apps .

#6. Quik Video Editor

Quik Video Editor is a different way to edit your own video on mobile. It's very fast and totally free. You can save any photo or video clip from your mobile gallery and edit it. Quik allows you to automatically edit any clip with its automatic video creation function. Here you will find some common editing tools like cropping videos, applying effects, using text and many more.

#7. Magisto – editor & slideshow maker

List Of Best Video Editting Apps Of 2021

Magisto is  an award winning free editor app. Here are just 3 steps you can take to create an attractive professional video for your own YouTube channel. About 100 million people have installed this app on their mobile phones. Using the AI   function, you can automatically create simple videos and share it with friends by saving in your gallery


we have shared 7 best video editting apps that are totally free availiable on playstore but in all editting apps some of features are paid you have to buy pro version to use all features. Also if you are picture lover so must read this Best Free professional photography Apps For Android And Iphone 2022
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