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Best Tips To Grow FaceBook Page In 2022

First of all, whatever product or service you are offering, it is not advisable to make a profile for it. The dedicated classic page is the right way.

Best Tips To Grow FaceBook Page In 2022

 Nowadays, you are not a serious brand if you do not have a Facebook page with huge number of fans, who follow you, like, share and comment on your daily posts. Do you want them to interact with your brand, to feel comfortable, to express their opinion about it, what is good, what is not good, how it can be improved - information on which you can make marketing decisions in the future.

First of all, whatever product or service you are offering, it is not advisable to make a profile for it. The dedicated classic page is the right way. Even though it is easier to attract people through a friend request, Facebook has rules against these practices. Plus, if you make a page, you can always invite your friends (or anyone who is a Manager) to like the page.

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Now let's say you have a base for the page  300-400 likes, maybe even 5000, but to capitalize on this number you need someone to constantly take care of the page, to involve fans and supporters in discussions. 

It should be noted that the number of likes of the page is not important, although it should be at a decent level, but talking about this is good to be always increasing and maintained at a level of over 10% of total page likes. It is maintained and increased through a great interaction of users on the page (like, share, comment).

Best Tips To Grow FaceBook Page In 2022

Here are some tips & tricks to increase your number of likes, reach and talking about this on your Facebook page:

1. Analyze Your Audience

After analyzing your target audience , start testing with different posts per day, at different times. Notice when most people interact with your post (days and hours) and what type of posting (funny, informative, product pictures, product / service news). 

2. What do you post?

this is most important thing because you have to take care what your audiance likes and what doesnot like. Alternate content directly related to your brand (product news, product / service pictures, articles about it, etc.) with funny pictures, jokes, social events (as close as possible to your brand). represent). What matters is a balance between them.

3. Contests

These are the most popular on Facebook pages and are known as the ones that bring the highest flow of new people (likes on the page) in a short period of time. I don't agree with those contests that tell you in the rules that you have to like / share / comment to enter the competition. Moreover, Facebook prohibits the use of these methods for commercial purposes. Instead, I suggest contests based on comments that encourage creativity or expressing a personal opinion. This creates more interaction on the page.

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4. Publishing Plan

After a study of the target audience and online habits, an editorial plan by day and hour should be made. I suggest between 2-4 posts a day, at most, more could be considered spam. We must take into account the hours when those in the target audience are online (For example, those who work 8 hours a day, the classic program - can be found online especially: in the morning between 9-11, at the end of the program, between 17-19 and in the evening between 21 -2. 3).

5. Targeted Post

A function on the Facebook page allows you to target posts based on age, gender, etc. It is located when editing a new post, below it, next to the options to add the location or date when you want to publish your post. Facebook is gradually changing the categories of users, so if you haven't heard of it yet, know that in the future you will also have this feature, which you can use to your advantage.

6. Test constantly

Any audience, after a maximum of one week, come back and analyze the results. You decide the criteria, but it takes into account the type of post, the way it was communicated, the time and the day it was published. This way you will study the habits of the target group in more detail and you will be able to improve your strategy in the future.

7. Advertising

Facebook Ads or Promote Posts. It is worth using, especially to promote a new product or service to as many users as possible. Be careful, the two methods are different and each has its advantages. Before using one or the other, I suggest you find out which is the most suitable for the results you want.

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8. Partnerships With Other Brands / Pages

… Related, non-competitive, with good social media promotion. Suggest a collaboration to promote each other: a number of posts, with the text you propose, on the day and time proposed by you and tag your page in the post (to make it easier to transfer users to the page ta) and vice versa.

9. Promotional Materials

Absolutely all should be links to social media profiles.


Too bad. It communicates as much as it should and in a friendly way, it's just a social network. 

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11. Keep up to date with Facebook changes

They are quite common and come to the aid of those who promote their brand through them.

I hope these tips have helped you and if you still have something to add to GROW your Facebook page , please leave us a comment below and we will add them in the article

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