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Zong Weekly Pro Package Code | Unlimited Internet For 7 Days

Zong china mobile company launches a greates package Zong Weekly Pro. Now use unlimited 40GB data


Zong Weekly Pro Package Code | Unlimited Internet For 7 Days

Most famous Telecom network in Pakistan Zong 4G has announced a new weekly package ( Zong Weekly Pro ) with an unlimited internet data of 40 GB with the cheap price and in this article I am giving all the details of this package and also share the activation code of Zong Weekly Pro so keep reading if you are interested to activate this package on zong Sim.

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What is Zong?

Zong is a cellular network providing services through a variety of platforms including cellular towers, internet hotspots, and cellular devices. Zong is a 4G LTE network, providing internet and cellular services to customers through a variety of devices including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Zong is one of Pakistan’s largest cellular providers, providing cellular and internet services to millions of customers across the country. Today, Zong’s cellular network covers more than 70% of the country’s population, providing internet and cellular services to over 8 million customers.

Zong Weekly Pro

Zong has been providing great internet services in Pakistan for over a decade. With their latest internet package, Zong Weekly Pro, they are once again providing internet at an affordable price. The internet package is available in all areas across Pakistan and offers 40Gb internet at a great price. Many people prefer Zong's internet services because of the great service, internet speed, and unlimited internet at a very low price.

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If you are interested in activating this package on your zong number so I have given you all the details in the table given below you can check all the details and then you can decide to activate this package or not. also I have described later in article package activation methods so keep reading if you are interested to activate package on your zong number.

Zong Weekly Pro Package price is Rs.399 and the activation code is *794# 

Package NameZong Weekly Pro
TimingFull Day & Night
Mbs UsedFull Internet
Mins5000 + 250 other Network Mins
PriceRs 399
Load PriceRs 400

How To Activate Zong Weekly Pro?

Zong is offering two methods to subscribe zong weekly Pro package and i am sharing all methods to activate package so keap reading

1st Method: the simple method to activate this package is dialing the code *794# . Package will be activated after dialing this code but you have must at least 400 Rs balance in your zong Sim so you can easily activate the package on your number 

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2nd Method:  if you want to activate this package through my zong app so also the packages available on zong app just download zong app from Play Store and search this package its name is zong weekly Pro and nowadays zong is featuring this package on main screen of My Zong App so you can easily find this package and activate on your no Zong number through my zong app.

I hope you do not have any issue while subscribing to this package. But if you feel any trouble you can tell us in comments and we will reply asap with the solution 

Zong Useful Codes:

Also I am sharing zong useful codes and I am sure these will be helpful for you you if you don't know no about zong network must follow these codes

  1. To check your zong sim balance dial this code *444#
  2. To check remaining internet MBs dial this code *102*3#
  3. To check remaining calls minutes dial this code *102*1#
  4. To check remaining SMS dial this code *102*2# 

Last Words

 I am interesting to read your feedback on zong weekly pro package tell us your thoughts in comment section and also tell us would you happy with this zong package or if you have any query you can contact us via our contact form I hope you like this article please share with others 

Will meet you in next article take care bye

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