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10 Best Urdu Fonts For Pixellab | KineMaster | MS World | InPage

All the popular fonts that you see on any YouTube video thumbnail are given in our list choose best one
10 Best Urdu Fonts For Pixellab | KineMaster | MS World | InPage

Are you searching for Best Urdu fonts for pixellab , Ms World or inpage read this article you will find best Urdu fonts for your thumbnail or designs. Font plays an important role In your thumbnail and design if you use best fonts for your thumbnail so design of your thumbnail will be looking awesome and will be attractive and every user will click on your design and thumbnail
here is a best font guide you can use these fonts to create awesome shayari pics with Urdu font also you can make Urdu thumbnail for YouTube videos because these font will be used for Urdu thumbnail also you can do more creative things with these Urdu fonts and I have made a proper research to find best Urdu fonts so read full this article and you will get best quality Urdu fonts

These fonts are in latest text formats so you can easily use them in all apps and softwares if app/software has custom fonts adding option. All fonts are in zip format so you have to extract them first then you will able to add them in any app

All the popular fonts that you see on any YouTube video thumbnail are given in our list if you are a youtuber and want to create a different and unique thumbnail design and beat your competitor you must have to use these Urdu fonts in your thumbnail also you have to practice to do your best in making thumbnails

Best Urdu Fonts 2022

Font list is random not popular font on top you just checked one by one to use in any design
10 Best Urdu Fonts For Pixellab | KineMaster | MS World | InPage ʘ‿ʘ
InfoGraph : Best Urdu Fonts

Jameel Noori Nastaleeq

The most popular and most used Urdu font is Jameel Noori nastaleeq this is a very attractive Urdu font and most of the youtubers and Blogger use this font in their thumbnail and design because this font has attractive and unique style so every youtuber blogger and designer used in his designs also you can use this font to make uniqueness in thumbnail and designs

this is a totally free Urdu font. you just have to download and extract the font file you are ready to use this font in any app like: pixel lab

As I told you this is a unique and most beautiful font so just have to try it in your thumbnails you will get awesome result

Pak Nastaleeq

Pak nastaleeq is the 2nd beautiful Urdu font. This font is similar to jameel noori but has little bit different calligraphy. Pak Nastaleeq font is unique and most of youtuber knows this font name and used this font to create awesome thumbnail for youtube videos you can try this font on your thumbnail ideas and see the results also remember this is urdu font so use this to write urdu not any other language

Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Kasheeda

Very popular and unique font like jameel noori nastaleeq also the font style is totally different from any other urdu font. This font is also used due to its special unique style. Totally free font use in your any design without any issue

Alvi Nastaleeq

The 4th best urdu font in our list is known as Alvi Nastaleeq Regular. Unique and most used font of urdu. You don't have to buy any license to use this font; this is freely available and you can use it without any issue. Alvi Nastaleeq font is very popular like other urdu font and create a tough competition between other urdu fonts

Al Qalam Taj Nastaleeq

Al Qalam taj is the 5th best urdu font. Also this font is very beautiful and bold. you can use this font as Heading of any design. This will look amazing and make your design perfect and easy to readable. All Newstype youtube channels use this font and their thumbnails looks very pretty

Aleem Urdu Unicode

Aleem Urdu Unicode is not more famous like other Urdu fonts but we have to add this font in our list because no more good fonts are present in Urdu language so we have definitely add the available fonts. so you just have to explore the list and decide which is best for your thumbnail and design and which font you will be used in your design

Al Fars Bold Regular

Al Fars Bold is 7th in our list but not famous like other urdu fonts Because most of the people use only Jameel Noori nastaleeq font in their thumbnail and designs and they do not consider these fonts as to be best for their thumbnail I also think this is true because Jameel Noori nastaleeq is a perfect Font for thumbnails but it it does not fulfill your requirements so you just have to choose another font

Al Qalm Kashif Online

Tell me how much people know about this font I know most of the people do not know about this font because this font is not good and well for thumbnails most of the people use only Alvi nastaleeq font for their thumbnail because it looks good and perfect on thumbnails but many people who are not interested in this font can use this font in the replace of Alvi nastaleeq regular font

Kaneez Urdu Font

Kaneez Urdu font is a Urdu type font with 0 user rating. Not good and recommended font to create headline or normal text from this font as this will make your design or thumbnail dustbin so please use best suitable font that make sense in design/thumbnail

Zafar Unicode Regular

The most old Urdu font is Zafar Unicode regular this won't is too much old and will be a great choice if your design have long writing style you can use this phone as a heading of your design but this code is not suitable for any kind of YouTube video thumbnail LIC again and again in my article Jameel Noori nastaleeq is the best what if you want to create a unique thumbnail design for YouTube videos then Jameel Noori nastaleeq and Alvi Nastaleeq are the best font that will be helpful to create unique design of thumbnail


Which font is best for Urdu typing?

Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Is one of best urdu font and also this font is best for urdu typing. Most Of people use this font in urdu typing

How do you say Canva in Urdu?

If you create your design/thumbnails from canva and want to write urdu language words in canva just use google docs and here use voice typing feature of google docs and write urdu , copy it and paste in canva

Download Best Urdu Fonts:

i have uploaded all font list on mediafire so you can easily download all fonts and use them on pixellab but first you have to extract them because it willbe in zip format. Zarchiever and Rar are best apps to extract any zip files 

Download File

Watch this youtube video if you have any confusion also tell us your queries in comments

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